Our values

Quality is our trademark!

Do you feel familiar with that statement? Surely! And we do too. Because we don't know a company who doesn't have quality as major focus in their advertisement. All of them promote quality although you can't be sure if they really have or not. We changed this fact for us!

And talked to ourself that we don't want to qualify us only with the keyword "quality". Quality should be and is a basic requirement for our products and therefore not worth mentioning. Quality is there because we have an eye of it all the time and we will not forget to focus on quality in long terms. We guarantee for that.

What do you think about flexibility? How do you dig for a friendly cooperation with customers technical and chronological wishes seen as centre of all our efforts? We think with our point of view in making business, to develop our products and to adjust them flexibel to your needs we are on the right way for our company. Join us and give the development and the production of your needed products in our trustful hands to be able to say in future:

We can count unconditionally on Thuro-transformers in every situation!