Since more then 20 years are we active as producer of small and mini products of the electronic industry. During these time we have been able to advance our work more and more, to make further development on our products and to collect know how in this business section. This know how is now given to you in our products and we will be happy if you are satisfied using it.

Because then, and only then, we are satisfied too!

Short historical abstract about the Thuro GmbH

The Thuro GmbH was founded as individual enterprise. At that time only we produced only ELA-transmitter.
We changed the form of organisation to a limited company.

The Thuro GmbH got market entry in the development and production of toroidal transformers.

We expanded our product portfolie again and started to be active in the section of mini-transformers.

In this year we integrated the 1-phase and 3-phase-transformers to our program.

Inactivity isn't acceptable for us. Therefore we expanded our products lines again. Thus we developed products for the halogen industry.

was a sucessful year for us. Again development was a major part of our work. We established our company as transformer supplier for inverted rectifier in photovoltaic constructions.

was the year of the Ferrite and high frequenzy products. We developed in both areas and were able to expand our product portfolio again.

Three years later we were hungry again to gain more knowledge of new business areas. We did research again and in the end we were proud to present new editions of transformers.

is the year that we call the "refulgence year". We developed and produced additonally to our portfolio high specific small-parts for refulgence.
we hit again the research success. We succussfully completed the development for our decive transmitters.